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Upcoming events and Updates

posted Apr 25, 2018, 8:24 AM by Gary Lorenz
  • Road Maintenance : A-1 Asphalt will be working on our association roads filling cracks. We expect the work to begin in May. I will post the actual start date once we receive the date from A-1.
  • Mail Box : We received complaints about our homeowners mailboxes that range from fading color and peeling paint, lids not closing properly resulting in injuring our mail-person. For those of you that own mailboxes that need repair or replacement you will receive a note with maintenance and replacement information.
  • Lawn Care : We have BL Lawncare  provide lawn mowing, trimming, weeding and fertilizer service for our common areas. We expect the BL team to be on site this week.
  • Association dues : There are eight home owners that are past due paying the annual dues resulting in total past due of $4.659.50. Your dues are needed to improve and maintain Serenity Ridge so please remit your amount as soon as you can.
  • Listed below is a short list of the Serenity Ridge association rules to follow. Failure to adhere to the association rules will result in notice of violation and if unresolved, a monetary fine.
  1. You cannot rent your home or any portion of it
  2. You are only allowed one 4 square foot professional sign on your property (e.g., a for sale sign)
  3. Weapons & Fireworks – See Walker city ordinance. None shall be used on common grounds
  4.  Pets – you are only allowed 1 dog, cat or two caged birds. More than that requires a written variance from the board
  5. No recreation vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. shall be parked on your property unless it fits fully into your garage so that it can close.
  6. No commercial vehicles or trucks. No storing non-working vehicles on your property
  7. Construction or landscaping – must have written approval from the Architectural Review Committee with design
  8. The 1st 15’ of your lot must be maintained and mowed along with anything outside of a “natural” state
  9. Everyone must have the same mailbox
  10. Tree removal – Any tree with a diameter or more than 4” must have approval from the Review Committee.No Chain Link Fences
  11. Trash Containers must be stored inside
  12. No ATV’s may be driven on our roads or other common association grounds