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Snowplowing and Common rules

posted Sep 7, 2017, 6:32 AM by Gary Lorenz
Greeting to all.

The snow plowing committee along with the board members will be reviewing snowplowing proposals for the winter season. We are requiring that all proposals include a salt application be delivered during each plowing event which will improve vehicle traction. If you have any questions for input please call me at 616.745.7727. 

This year will be our 15th year in Serenity Ridge and we (Therese and I ) are proud to live in a great area with awesome neighbors. We look forward to meeting the newest members so if you hear a knock on your door that will be Therese and I with a bottle of wine. 

Finally, a friendly reminder to follow the rules of our association (see below). If you have any questions please contact me or any board member.  
Have a great Fall.

Gary Lorenz
990 Timber winds DR 
  •  You cannot rent your home or any portion of it
  •  You are only allowed one 4 square foot professional sign on your property (e.g., a for sale sign)
  •  Weapons & Fireworks – See Walker city ordinance. None shall be used on common grounds
  •  Pets – you are only allowed 1 dog, cat or two caged birds. More than that requires a written variance from the board
  •  No recreation vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. shall be parked on your property unless it fits fully into your garage so that it can close.
  •  No commercial vehicles or trucks. No storing non-working vehicles on your property
  •  Construction or landscaping – must have written approval from the Architectural Review Committee with design
  •  The 1st 15’ of your lot must be maintained and mowed along with anything outside of a “natural” state
  •  Everyone must have the same mailbox
  •  Tree removal – Any tree with a diameter or more than 4” must have approval from the Review Committee.
  •  No Chain Link Fences
  •  Trash Containers must be stored inside
  •  No ATV’s may be driven on our roads or other common association grounds