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posted May 28, 2013, 6:09 PM by Serenity Ridge
A1 Asphalt will be resurfacing Grand Bluffs Dr, Grand Bluffs Ct, Timber Winds Ct, and Little Timber Ct on Monday, 6/10 and Tuesday, 6/11.  




Monday, 6/10

·         Roads will be milled

·         Roads open all day.  Please be careful when driving around trucks and workers


Tuesday, 6/11

·         Work to begin around 8:00am

·         Access to Grand Bluffs Dr, Grand Bluffs Ct, Timber Winds Ct, and Little Timber Ct will be limited this day.  Those who live on these streets should plan on being out by 8:00am or leaving a vehicle parked on Timber Winds Dr for the day.  Please stay clear of the intersections so that A1 can  easily maneuver their trucks to the job sites

·         Timber Winds Dr will remain open all day.  Any access to the neighborhood from Butterworth will need to be from the Timber Winds Dr entrance

·         Once all work is completed, we can drive on the new pavement immediately

·         Mail service may be disrupted this day



·         Lot owners who have sprinkler heads along the affected roads should mark them prior to Monday, 6/10.  Use spray paint, colored sticks, or flags.  A1 will take care around marked sprinkler heads, but is not responsible for repairing damaged sprinkler heads.

·         The road bed will be raised about 1.5 inches.  Some of the owners may see a gap against their yard levels.  Lot owners will be responsible for adding top soil\seed to compensate where necessary.
·         The milling on Monday will address the levels at driveways so there is no height difference there.  A1 will also mill at the junctions at Timber Winds Dr to make the road bed the same level.