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Board meeting Summary - June 19, 2018

posted Jun 26, 2018, 6:11 AM by Gary Lorenz

To Serenity Ridge homeowners,

Thank you for your feedback as we included your comments for consideration and discussion during our board meeting on June 19. Your comments related to tree trimming and our entrance clean up were referred to our landscape vendor.

The other topics that we discussed during our meeting included homeowner violations, association road maintenance, home owner driveway, mailboxes and snowplowing.

  1. Homeowner violations:

A message from the board was sent to you early in June noting the Serenity Ridge violation of rules policy. We asked you to perform a self – assessment and remove the violations. The most common violations include industrial and recreational vehicles parked in your drive way and trash disposal bins. The bins must remain in your garage. For those of you that removed the violations we thank you. To the homeowners that failed to remove the violations, a formal process has begun to send to you a notice of violation, the remedy period and a monetary fine. The fine is $150 per week for the first violation and $250 per week if the homeowner was sent a previous violation notice. Our primary goal is not to collect a fine from you rather our goal is to encourage you to follow the Serenity Ridge Association rules as stated in our bylaws.

  1. Road maintenance:

We discussed the current state of association roads and the timeline of road maintenance construction including the recent patch and repair performed by A1 Asphalt. We will review road assessment studies and seek the best path toward a solid and safe road structure.

  1. Drive way and mailbox:

The driveway compensation and mailbox structure is included in our bylaws. The driveway must be asphalt and the mailboxes must be the same. We expect that all homeowners maintain both structures.

A few homeowners offered provided easy mailbox maintenance tips such as waxing the mailbox a few time a year.

  1. Snowplowing:

We discussed the performance of the service provider this past winter and we will meet with them to align on goals and expectations for the next season.

                One last item, our speed limit is 25 mph so please be aware of your neighbors as you travel to and from your homes.

                All the best and have a save and fantastic Summer.

                Gary Lorenz